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who we are

Women Concern was born out of concerns related to violence against women in our country and more particularly in the eastern area of the country which for more than two decades has been plunged into armed conflicts that sometimes confront tribes and / or ethnic groups or armed groups against the government and where the latter have proliferated and made communities vulnerable, especially women and girls.

In addition to these concerns, there are socio-cultural barriers in our environment which have long dissocialized women and girls to the point of stripping their dignity. Gender equality through empowerment of women and girls is our concern. We serve through three main programs namely, “She’s precious”, “She matters” and Women, Peace and Security


WOCO’s mission is to help rural women and girls to discover their and unleash their potentials, and to support them for inclusive development through research based projects in the following areas: Education, Human rights, financial literacy etc…


WOCO’s vision is A society where the dignity of women and girls prevails

Our key area of intervention

she’s precious program

She Matters program